StarSeries i-League Season 5: SK Gaming – Team Liquid

Bet closes 30.5.2018, 21.00

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What happens when the greatest teams of the tournament meet?

StarSeries i-League Season 5 has reached its third day. First teams will drop out from the tournament today. We have eight matches in total today and we will tip the most interesting one. The best match of the evening is by far the match between Team Liquid and SK Gaming. The teams have won two out of their two matches in the tournament so far which means that the winner of this game will go straight to quarterfinals. The loser of this match has to continue in the groups because you need three wins to get out of the groups.

SK fought their way to this match by beating the Chinese team VG.Flash in their first game 2-1 (1-16, 19-15, 16-2). SK quickly rise from the first map which they lost 16-1. SK showed what they are capable of and fought themselves back into the match by winning the second map Inferno 19-15  in overtime. The third map which was Train was easy for SK as they won it 16-2.

SK faces Avangar in their second match of the tournament. SK won the match 2-0 (16-8, 16-11). SK and Avangar have met many times in the last month and SK has won every match. SK’s real test comes tonight when they face Team Liquid. Can SK fight and show that they are one of the top teams or do they need more time with their newest addition to the team that is Jake “Stewie2k” Yip. SK seems to be improving all the time and they should be as their form looked quite awful a few months back.

Liquid had an easy way to this match as they won NRG in their first match 2-0 (16-6, 16-11). NRG didn’t have any chance in that game. NRG didn’t have any chance in that game which was expected. Liquid met the Swedish youngsters Godsent in their second match and won that 2-1 (16-2, 7-16, 16-9).

Liquid has shown that they are a real threat after Epitacio “TACO” de Melo joined the roster. TACO has made Liquid a much better team and has found his spot and role in the team fast. TACO played in SK Gaming before but he got kicked as SK wanted to pick Stewie2k.

Liquid is the favorite going on to this match needless to say. Liquid has higher win percentages in every single map except in Train than SK. Someone could say that this match should be an easy 2-0 victory for Team Liquid, but we wouldn’t be so sure about that. When researching the map picks we can see that SK is almost guaranteed to get Train as their map pick where Liquid has struggled. Liquid is going to pick Inferno as their pick where the team has shined.




Liquid remove Overpass

SK remove Nuke


Liquid pick Inferno

SK pick Train


Liquid remove Cache

SK remove Mirage


3rd Map Dust 2


Our Bets:


Wager:             Liquid ML                    Total Maps Played Over 2,5


Odds:              1,66                           1,85


Bookmaker:     Bet365                         Bet365