StarSeries i-League Season 5: Avangar – Team Liquid

Bet closes 31.5.2018, 16.00

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Can Avangar fight back?

The final match of the day four of StarSeries i-League Season 5 is a clash between Avangar and Team Liquid. Avangar should not have any chance in the match. The skill gap between these two teams is crazy big and considering the advantage that Liquid gets in maps, there should not be any chance for Avangar to win this game.

Round win percentages can’t be taken into account when doing research for this match because the teams usually play in different levels and leagues. Although Avangar plays versus a lot worse teams, Liquid still has higher win percentages in every map except Train.

The map picks of the match are going to be interesting. Avangar does not play Nuke at all which means that they are going to ban it. Liquid is going to ban Overpass as usual.  We have five maps left which are Mirage, Train, Inferno, Dust 2 and Cache. Avangar should choose Mirage as their map pick. Liquid is going to choose their best map Inferno. We don’t even need to do predict the final map because this should be an easy 2-0 win for Liquid.

It is hard to analyze the match more than this because of the skill gap between these two teams is so high. The map picks favor Liquid heavily and we can’t see any other outcome for this match than Liquid winning it 2-0. That is why our choice is Liquid -1,5 with the odds 1,90


Our bets:


Wager:            Liquid ML          Map 1. Liquid -4,5         Map 2. Liquid -4,5


Odds:              1,90                   2,00                         2,00


Bookmaker: Bet365