StarSeries i-League Season 5: AGO – NiP | 2,20!

Bet closes 29.5.2018, 17.00

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The second day of StarSeries is being played today. We have eight matches in total which are all being played in best of three formats. The day is full of some great Counter Strike! We are going to publish two tips for today. This is the first of the evening. In this match the Swedish giants “Ninjas in Pyjamas” and the Polish youngsters “AGO” are fighting for their second victories in the tournament. Both teams won their first matches which means that the winner of this match has almost guaranteed a spot in the playoffs.

AGO played their legendary Polish brothers Virtus. Pro in their first match and won them 2-0 (19-17, 16-13). The game was close and could have gone either way. AGO has now played almost a year without reaching the level of top teams. Seems like they are stuck in the tier 2 level.

NiP, on the other hand, started really strong yesterday. The Swedes won Hellraisers cleanly 2-0 (16-13, 19-17). The match was also pretty even and could have gone either way but the Ninjas closed it out with their experience. The favorite in this match is definitely NiP. The Swedes are under huge pressure. They need to show that they are capable to win games in this tournament. Last 2 tournaments weren’t so good. NiP exited early in both of them and they weren’t able to put up numbers.

The teams met two months ago when NiP won the BO2 game 2-0. We are expecting quite a similar result today because of the Swedes are not going to come sleepy into this game. They have to show it here what they are capable of.

The maps of the game ar favoring NiP. AGO has to ban Nuke because they don’t play it at all. NiP has to remove Mirage and after that, there are five maps in the pool which all favor NiP. We believe that NiP will win the match 2-0.


Our bet

  • NiP -1,5 @ 2.20