Ninjas in Pyjamas – G2

Bet closes 11.5.2018, 17.00

eSports Cs Go tip

Both teams are even in the standings before today’s matches. NiP has played one match more than G2 who need at least 2 wins from remaining matches. NiP also needs a 2-0 result today if they want to be fighting for the ECS trophy.


The maps in this matchup tonight are Mirage and Inferno. Our tip will be focusing on the latter, Inferno. Inferno has been historically a really strong map for the Ninjas. and they have almost dominated G2. NiP has now won G2 two times in a row in Inferno and the Swedes are looking to be in a good shape. They played two close maps versus FaZe yesterday where they won the first map Overpass in overtime and lost the second game played in Inferno closely 16-12. From what we saw, we think that NiP played well in Inferno. The game was really close and could have turned other way around really quickly.  With NiP’s new aggressive style in the CT-Side, they have a good chance to crush G2.


G2 has also looked strong lately. The team is improving all the time and it is a pity that they might be breaking soon. Rumors tell that there is a new French lineup coming created by Richard “shox” Papillon. Rumors tell that the lineup could include players from the existing G2 lineup and that the new lineup would play under the name G2.


NiP has been a real threat in Inferno in the last 3 months. They have a crazy 68,4% win rate while G2 has 46,7%. Percentages don’t tell much so, of course, we took a look at their last matches in Inferno. NiP has won teams like Fnatic, Mousesports, Na’Vi, and G2. In the other hand, G2 has lost to Hellraisers and Mousesports.


The Ninjas are given 3,5 handicap which is a good bet with the odds 2,10.


Our Bet:

  • Ninjas in Pyjamas -3,5 @ 2,10