IEM Sydney: MouseSports VS Astralis

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In the second matchup of the IEM Sydney semifinals, we have two great teams battling it out for the spot in the finals. In this matchup we have the Danish superteam Astralis and the international lineup playing under the name Mousesports. These teams already met in the group stages where Astralis took the win with style 2-0. Mousesports didn’t have any chance in that matchup and we are expecting kind of a similar outcome in this match as well.

Astralis has flown through this tournament without losing any map yet. They got challenged pretty hard against the NA team NRG when the Americans took Astralis to overtime. Astralis managed to win that match 19-17. The close score is explainable considering the fact that Astralis probably had not looked so much in to NRG’s playstyle.

Astralis has been outstanding last two months in online as well as offline. The Danes won the big DreamHack Masters Marseille tournament held couple weeks back overpowering every team that they played versus and the same flow has continued in this tournament.

When these two teams met last time, the maps were Inferno and Nuke. In this matchup I am sure that Astralis will once again remove Mirage which is “mouz’s” best map. Mousesports must pick Inferno especially after their overtime loss against Renegades today. We are assuming that Astralis will pick Overpass for their map which is very strong map for them. Now coming in to mousesports pick things get a little complicated. “Mouz” does not have a room for choice. They lost Nuke versus Astralis earlier with big numbers so they won’t choose that. Mousesports must make their map choice from these two maps: Dust 2 or Cache. If we at here were Mousesports, we would choose Dust 2 just because how scary Astralis looked versus Fnatic.

Astralis has a huge 75% winrate in Overpass comparing to Mousesports 60% winrate. By looking in to the facts that Astralis is the stronger team here and by considering the fact that Astralis is a far better team in Overpass the map should go their way.

Dust 2, if chosen, will be something that can’t be predicted well. The map just came to the map pool and Astralis haven’t even played it yet. Of course the map layout is old and everyone knows how to play it, but it is still a different story. Dust 2 is a heavy aim based map and AWP’s play a huge factor because of the long distance fights in mid and A long. We are assuming that Astralis is more than capable to win take Dust 2 their way and take the match 2-0.

Our prediction for the Map-veto

Astralis remove Mirage

Mousesports remove Inferno

Astralis pick Overpass

Mousesports pick Dust 2

Astralis remove Cache

Mousesports remove Train

  1. Map = Nuke

Our bet:

Astralis -1,5 @ 2,20