IEM Sydney Finals: Astralis Vs FaZe

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Astralis will be fighting for the IEM Sydney trophy with FaZe in the grand final. It is the second final in a row for Astralis and they are now fighting for the IEM Grand Slam prize pool of one million dollars.

Astralis prove us that they are the best team in the world by beating mousesports in the semi-finals. Peter “dupreeh” Rothman gave an interview after the game and said that he thinks they will beat FaZe 3-1 in the grand final which means that they are full of confidence.

They finals are played Best of 5 and the map veto goes like this: Both team ban one map and after that they just pick a map one by one. FaZe is forced to ban Overpass because it is their worst map now and at the same time one of the best maps of Astralis. The Danes have proven to be a team of seven maps which means that they are confident to play every map which brings a huge advantage to them.

Astralis will probably remove either Cache or Dust 2. Astralis is way better than FaZe in every map remaining in the pool. We also haven’t seen FaZe hit their star potential yet.

Astralis will probably choose Inferno as their first map because FaZe has been unconfident in that map and hasn’t been able to put up good results. FaZe will pick Mirage as their first map which is obviously their best map. Astralis will have Nuke as their second map and after that FaZe will choose either Dust 2 or Cache depending on which map Astralis will ban.

Our prediction for the Map-stake

Astralis remove Dust 2

FaZe remove Overpass

Astralis pick Inferno

FaZe pick Mirage

Astralis pick Nuke

FaZe pick Cache

5th Map = Train

In our opinion Astralis has a really good chance to outclass FaZe and take this series either 3-1 or 3-0. That is why we are placing our money on Astralis handicaps. The odds are crazy good considering the fact that Astralis is unstoppable at the moment.

Our bet:

Astralis -2,5 @ 3,50

Astralis -1,5 @ 1,80