ESL Pro League Finals: Mousesports – Liquid

Bet closes 18.5.2018, 18.00

eSports Cs Go tip

The group stage of ESL Pro League Finals is now over. Only six teams remain and four of them are competing today in the quarterfinals. 2 of the teams are already waiting in the semifinals. We have 2 matches today in the quarterfinals. Mousesports will be taking on Liquid and SK and FaZe are fighting for a spot in the semifinals. The two teams who are already through in the semis are Astralis and surprisingly Na’Vi.

In this tip, we will be looking at the first quarterfinal between Mousesports and Liquid. They are two extremely even teams. The two last games between these two teams were really close. Liquid won the other one and Mousesports the other. Both of the games went to three maps and we are expecting that to happen today as well.

The teams are good at each other’s bad maps. For example, Mousesports is a great team in Mirage but Liquid is not. Liquid is really good at playing Cache where Mousesports seem to struggle. One of the strongest maps for Mousesports is definitely Nuke which Liquid barely even plays. In the other hand, Liquid is great in Inferno and Train which are not the best maps of Mousesports.


Our estimated Map-Veto

  1. Liquid remove Nuke
  2. Mousesports remove Cache


  1. Liquid pick Inferno
  2. Mousesports pick Mirage


  1. Liquid ban Dust 2
  2. Mousesports ban Overpass
  3. Map = Train


The map-veto of this match can be easily predicted. Mousesports definitely wants to remove Cache so they will ban it. Liquid does not want to play Nuke so that will be their first ban. We assume that Mousesports wants to play their best map Mirage against Liquid. Mousesports will pick Mirage. We assume that Liquid is going to pick Train or Inferno, more likely Inferno because they have won Mousesports in it many times. The last map will probably be Overpass or Train because Liquid does not play Dust 2. The first two maps are the most important ones if we are looking at it from our bets perspective. We assume that both of the teams will win their own map picks and that we will see the third map.


Our bet:

  • Over 2,5 maps @ 2,00