ESL Pro League Finals: FaZe – SK

Bet closes 18.5.2018, 21.55

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The ESL Pro League finals have reached playoffs stage. The group stage is now over and we have six teams in playoffs. Four of them are playing in the quarterfinals and two of the teams are already through in the semifinals. Astralis and surprisingly also Na’Vi are waiting for their opponents in the semifinals while SK, FaZe, Liquid and Mousesports are playing in the quarterfinals. In this tip, we are looking at the latter quarterfinal, FaZe versus SK Gaming. We did publish a tip for the first quarterfinal also.

SK has shown us some better form in this tournament and we expect them to continue doing so. It is looking like the team is finally finding their old form back. SK found themselves in the quarterfinals by beating NiP closely 19-16 in overtime. After that, SK lost to Astralis 2-0 and won Renegades and Optic 2-0, 2-1. FaZe in the other hand found themselves in the quarterfinals by beating Cloud9 easily 16-3, beating Mousesports 2-0 and losing surprisingly to Na’Vi 2-0. That is why FaZe has to play in quarters and Na’Vi got a straight semifinal spot.

It is unnecessary to look the previous results between these two teams because they have made roster changes. Also, the last time these two teams met, was about 5 months ago which is a way too big timeline. We have to look the last results of both teams and their performances in different maps.

Both of the teams have maps in this matchup that they don’t want to play against each other. Those maps will be removed and after that, both teams will have really strong maps for themselves. FaZe will be overpowering in Cache and SK will be dominant in Train. The 3rd and last map will be Inferno, which is going to be really close. This is why we think that playing Over 2,5 maps is the best selection for this match. bet365 offers good 2,10 odds for that.


Our estimated Map-Veto

  1. SK remove Nuke
  2. FaZe remove Overpass


  1. SK pick Train
  2. FaZe pick Cache


  1. SK remove Mirage
  2. FaZe remove Dust 2
  3. Map = Inferno