ESL Pro League Finals: FaZe – Na’Vi

Bet closes 17.5.2018, 19.00

eSports Cs Go tip

The ESL Pro League Finals are being played in Dallas. The tournament has now reached its final stage of the groups. Last matches of both groups are being played today. These matches will tell us who gets a straight semifinal spot and who has to play quarterfinals first. In this tip, we are focusing on the group A upper bracket final. In this match, FaZe will be facing Na’Vi to fight for the straight spot in the semifinals.

It is going to be an interesting match because FaZe has truly found their form back. FaZe won Cloud 9 easily 16-3 in the group A opening match. After that, the international superteam went and destroyed Mousesports 2-0. We have to admit that both, Mousesports and Cloud 9 are in a bit of a slump. We are living weird times in CS pro scene. Almost all the teams are lacking confidence and some key point in their game. It is looking like no one can stop FaZe and Astralis who are definitely in much better form than the other teams. This is the result of the player changes that happened during the off-season. Teams have not had enough time to practice because the schedule for each team is stacked. This is why a team like Astralis is doing well because they are a heavily tactical team.

Na’Vi should be unarmed against FaZe in this match. In this tournament, Na’Vi has again proven their real form. Zeus and Edward are not able to stay up with the competition and rising skill levels. S1mple is Na’Vi’s only weapon and that should not be enough to get a map off from today’s FaZe.


Map Veto:


Na’Vi remove Cache

FaZe remove Overpass


Na’Vi pick Inferno

FaZe pick Nuke


Na’Vi remove Dust 2

FaZe remove Train


3rd Map = Mirage


This is our estimated map veto which both teams should be aiming at. FaZe might let Overpass in the map pool but that would be just stupid against Na’Vi. With these maps, we assume FaZe is going to take this series 2-0 and move on to the semifinals. That is why our selection for this map is FaZe -1,5 with the odds 2,50.


Our bet:

  • FaZe -1,5 @ 2,50