ESL ONE Cologne 2018: FaZe – MIBR

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On the second day of ESL One Cologne 2018, FaZe will face MIBR.  This is going to be an upper bracket battle for these two teams in a Best-of-3 format.  Previously, MIBR was able to edge out Renegades(16-13 on Cache). They started off really slow, they lost the pistol round and the first gun round. Renegades looked really comfortable as they grabbed a 9-1 lead, but “Coldzera” stepped up and secured the first victory for his team. FaZe won as well, but in a lot easier fashion. They crushed B.O.O.T 16-9, and they looked very strong on the T side of Dust2.

Regarding forms of these teams, FaZe is coming to this match with 5 wins out of their last 5 games. On the other hand, MIBR was able to win 3 out of their last 5. FaZe is in a brutal form at the moment and they are crushing their opponents. Both of their superstar players, “Niko” and “Rain” are playing out of their minds(they both averaged 120 average damage per round in their last match) and they seem unstoppable. On the other hand, MIBR played really bad, their executes were not timed well enough and overall they had no chemistry.

Both of the teams can play a lot of maps. FaZe feels comfortable on Inferno, Mirage, Dust 2 and especially Cache. MIBR enjoys playing Train, Mirage, Dust 2 and Inferno.  Since MIBR does not play Nuke they will permaban it, and I think we will end up on Mirage, Cache and Dust 2 as a decider. What does it mean for our bet? MIBR showed a lot of flaws in their game plan and executes yesterday and I think that FaZe will use that as an advantage.

To conclude, MIBR has been in a slump for a while now, while FaZe is on fire. Yes, they both won yesterday, but MIBR played really bad. Map pool is similar to both of the teams and I do not see a way of FaZe losing this match versus Brazilians, especially if “Niko” and “Rain” can play like they played yesterday.


FaZe –

FaZe to win 2-0

Bet starts at 4.7.2018, 15:30