ESL One Belo Horizonte: FaZe – BIG

Bet closes 13.6.2018, 15.00

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Is FaZe a too big of a deal to Ghost?

The day has finally arrived. Brazil will finally get their first big CS: GO tournament when eight teams battle it out in ESL One Belo Horizonte tournament. Mousesports, SK Gaming, Team Liquid, FaZe, BIG, Space Soldiers, Ghost, and Não Tem Como fight for a share of the $200 000 prize pool and the mighty trophy.

The biggest favorites going on to the tournament are FaZe, SK Gaming, Team Liquid, and Mousesports. Não Tem Como and SK Gaming get to play in front of their home crowd if they survive to the playoffs.

The first match of the first day features the third best team of the world: FaZe and the North-American team Ghost. These two teams have never played versus each other because the skill levels are way different.

Ghost is a team that mainly competes versus tier 2 North-American teams. FaZe on the other hand is a team that competes versus the best teams in the world. That is a big difference.

All the matches in the tournament will be played as BO3 which means that big surprises should not come. With two wins in a row, you earn a spot in the semifinals. If you lose two games in a row, you are out.

FaZe has to play with their stand-in Jørgen “Cromen” Robertsen who played with the team at the ECS finals as well. Cromen and FaZe did well while the placed at the place 3/4.

FaZe has usually been a good team versus less skilled teams which means that they get surprised by sleepers not so often. We assume that FaZe is ready for their first game in the tournament and we believe that the boys in red will win this match easily 2-0.

Our bets:

Map 1. FaZe -5,5 | 1,80 | Bet365
Map 2. FaZe -5,5 | 1,80 | Bet365