IEM Sydney: Astralis 1,90 Boosted odds

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IEM Sydney is going on and group finals are being played tomorrow. In this group B upper bracket final, we have Fnatic taking on Astralis. The Danish superteam has been looking extremely strong lately beating mousesports earlier in the tournament 2-0.

Going on in to this matchup, We can assume that it is going to be one sided in favor of the Danish stars. Fnatic has not been looking great lately. They struggled against LDLC and many other teams online. Fnatic dropped a map to G2 earlier in the tournament, but won the Australian team “Chiefs” with big numbers.

Astralis has been dominating Fnatic online and offline lately. For example, in Dreamhack Masters Marseille, Astralis won Fnatic 2-0, not giving fnatic a chance. Astralis has won Fnatic now six times in a row. Fnatic has gotten 12 rounds in the closest game of these two while other games being dominant in favor of Astralis.

According to statistics, Astralis has better win percent in every single map in both sides. Only exception being mirage T-side which we should not see tomorrow. Astralis has also being better in pistol rounds, taking 54.8% of their pistol rounds. Fnatic has managed to take only 45,9% of their pistol rounds. Astralis has an edge in every single map and should take this match 2-0.

Looking in to every aspect, I am confident to place a -1,5 bet in favor of Astralis with the odds 1,90 taken from Coolbet.

Our Bet:

Astralis -1,5 @ 1,90