Arbitrage: FaZe and Astralis

Bet closes 17.5.2018, 16.00

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Now you need to be fast! We spotted a potential arbitrage bet in today’s ESL Pro League Finals. At the moment before day 3 has begun, Astralis is going to face Team Liquid in their group’s bracket final. FaZe is exactly in the same position but they are facing Na’Vi. These two teams, Astralis and FaZe are big favorites to reach the final and raise the trophy. Almost every other team are in a slump.

At the moment bet365 offers a 2,75 odds for Astralis’ tournament win. FaZe gets 4,33. Considering the fact that both of the teams are big favorites in their matches tonight, where they’ll be fighting for a straight spot in the semifinals, it is a really good arbitrage. Of course, it is not a certain arbitrage, because there is always a chance that both of the teams would not reach the final. That chance is extremely low and it probably won’t happen. We evaluate the chances that both teams will be in the grand final to a 75% chance.

If only one team of these two would end up in the final, this bet would still be good because Astralis and FaZe are both so much better than other teams. Astralis especially are dominating everyone at the moment.



To make this bet reasonable, we need to calculate the odds. Let’s imagine that you are going to be putting 100€ on the line. In that case, you would need to place 61,16€ for Astralis’ win and 38,84€ for FaZe’s win. I

Then, if either of these teams wins the tournament you would get +68,19 net income. We chose to use the 100€ in this example because it is easy to convert to percentages. You need to place 61,16% of your bet for Astralis and the rest 38,84% for FaZe.


Our bet:

Astralis to win outright @ 2,75 (Investment: 61,16%)

FaZe to win outright @ 4,33 (Investment: 38,84%)