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Ninjas is back, and they have a Fortnite team

Ninjas in Pyjamas has not been quite “in the scene” as they used to in early stages of their career, but with their latest come up to a Major CS:GO event, things seemed to be taking on a good path once again. As many other administrations which are looking to expand troughut the whole eSports spectrum, they too have encountered many other options: The popular battle-royale game Fortnite, for examp...[Read More]

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The Ninjas are back!

It’s been quite a few since the last time we saw the legendary Ninjas in Pyjamas on a Major tournament but, hey everyone: They are definitely back! Right before ESL Cologne 2016, news from the greatest team of Counter Strike: Global Offensive gradually faded away and, with it, so did their participation. What happened to them remains uncertain. Nowadays, it seems like NiP has arrived back to a Maj...[Read More]