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More details on the upcoming StarSeries Season 6 Asia

With its 6th season, the StarSeries & i-League comes back with, once again, a Counter Strike: Global Offensive Season! Are you ready to hit some of those AKs? Even though we will be covering all about this tournament later, it is important for you to know that the event is organized by both StarLadder, an eSports producer, and ImbaTV, a Chinese entertainment company. It has been around quite f...[Read More]

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Ninjas is back, and they have a Fortnite team

Ninjas in Pyjamas has not been quite “in the scene” as they used to in early stages of their career, but with their latest come up to a Major CS:GO event, things seemed to be taking on a good path once again. As many other administrations which are looking to expand troughut the whole eSports spectrum, they too have encountered many other options: The popular battle-royale game Fortnite, for examp...[Read More]