Oh My God are the second champions of PUBG Global Invitational

Oh My God @ PGI 2018

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Global Invitational has finished after five days of action. Following the TPP phase was the first-person championship which went to Oh My God on Sunday. Team Liquid’s efforts weren’t quite enough this time either, but the team is probably very happy with their two silver medals.

Downright overpowered Oh My God managed to play the best day in the whole tournament on Saturday by winning three of the four matches played that day, as well as to place second in the fourth one. Liquid’s best placement on Saturday was a second place in the third match, but the break down of the Chinese roster of Oh My God on Sunday left Liquid with a chance to take home the trophy, altough just a barely achievable one. On Sunday, Liquid did actually manage to win once and place second twice, which left the team just over two hundred points behind Oh My God.

Oh My God’s Yao “lionkk” Hao was awarded with the title of Most Valuable Player of the game. Along with his team’s $400,000 winnings for the FPP championship, he was given another $20,000 for his well-earned MVP performance.

The champions of the first phase of the tournament, Gen. G Gold, were left in the dust. They placed ninth with their single first place in the whole FPP phase, a far cry from the amazing comeback they made on Thursday. Hopefully the participant teams can learn from the story that the final results of the championships are telling them. For example, Team Liquid and Welcome to South Georgo placed second and third respectively in both of them, which shows how consistent they are. In contrast, the performance of the South Korean sister teams, Gen. G Black and Gold has been much more volatile. Obviously a big part of this is the fact that FPP is not a big thing in Korea, but if major events do queue it, maybe they should consider picking it up for the their practice schedule.

PGI 2018 (FPP phase) – Top 10
1st Oh My God $400,000 3425 p.
2nd Team Liquid $160,000 3220 p.
3rd Welcome to South George $100,000 2875 p.
4th Natus Vincere $60,000 2370 p.
5th AVANGAR $35,000 2225 p.
6th Ghost Gaming $35,000 1980 p.
7th Honey Badger Nation $20,000 1890 p.
8th Pittsburgh Knights $20,000 1845 p.
9th Gen. G Gold $10,000 1470 p.
10th Refund Gaming $10,000 1460 p.


Friday’s charity event

On Friday, we took a little break from the tournament itself, when many well-known livestreamers formed teams with the pros to compete for a million dollar prize. PGI Charity Showdown, as it was titled, was won by ”Evermore”, ”Juankorea” as well as Gen. G Gold’s ”simsn” and ”EscA”. The squad was awarded $600,000 from which they’ll each donate $150,000 to a charity of their choice.

PGI 2018 Charity Showdown

PGI 2018 Charity Showdown

PGI 2018 Charity Showdown – Winners
1st Evermore, Juankorea, GOLD_simsn, GOLD_EscA $600,000
2nd mifengaa, 4AM_GodV, 4AM_GuCun, 4AM_Kenny $300,000
3rd VLDL-Ben, VLDL-Rowan, KNIGHTS_Voxsix, KNIGHTS_TEXQS $100,000


Image: PUBG Twitter