Gen. G Gold is the first winner of PUBG Global Invitational

PUBG Global Invitational 2018

The two-day journey of PUBG Global Invitational’s TPP phase (third-person perspective) has come to an end. South Korean Gen. G Gold emerged as world’s first TPP winner and took home the title along with a $400,000 prize. Team Liquid and Welcome to South Georgo joined the South Koreans on the podium.

Varying performances and a surprise win

On Wednesday in Berlin, Germany, the two phase tournament started out very strong for Team Liquid. Despite their challenging start, they managed to win two out of the four matches played on the first day. After day one, they were still behind one of the two South Korean Gen. G teams, Gen. G Black. The South Koreans didn’t win a single match but placed second three times, which raised their total score above everyone else.

Gen G. Gold, who in the end took the TPP title, didn’t too well on Wednesday since their best placement was a single fourth place finish. Gold redeemed themselves soon though by having an amazing second day: they won two out of the four total matches and finished second in one of the others. Meanwhile their sister team Black did the exact opposite as their game crumbled and they weren’t seen even in the top 10 more than once on the second day. This lead to them dropping all the way to the sixth place in the final rankings. Team Liquid was also struggling on Thursday, but they were still able to secure the second highest place on the podium.

PGI 2018 (TPP phase) – Top 10
1st Gen. G Gold $400,000 3305 p.
2nd Team Liquid $160,000 2635 p.
3rd Welcome to South George $100,000 2595 p.
4th Oh My God $60,000 2235 p.
5th Pittsburgh Knights $35,000 2090 p.
6th Gen. G Black $35,000 2010 p.
7th Made in Thailand $20,000 1925 p.
8th Ghost Gaming $20,000 1770 p.
9th Chiefs Esports Club $10,000 1380 p.
10th Natus Vincere $10,000 1345 p.

To be continued

The inaugural PGI is not even close to being over yet though. TPP phase changes to FPP (first-person perspective) on Saturday, and it will surely bring us more entertaining action when the teams fight for the second $400,000 prize. But before all this, the teams have been given a day to hone their tactics. Today on Friday the stage will instead be occupied by a huge selection of live streamers and professionals, who have come to compete for charity. All of the $1,000,000 prize pool of the so-called PGI Charity Showdown will be donated to a charity of the players’ choice. Participants of the charity event include Michael ”Shroud” Grzesiek and Guy ”DrDisRespect”Beahm.

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