The inaugural Overwatch League heads on to playoffs

Overwatch League 2017-2018

Overwatch League’s awaited two-week playoff phase begins tomorrow at Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles, USA. It is followed by a one-week break that guides the league towards its summit, the Grand Finale held in New York City at the end of July. The winner of first ever the Overwatch League will receive 1,000,000 USD on top of the title and cup, which is taken from the 1,7-million-dollar prize pool.

Six best teams that participated in the regular season qualified for the playoffs. The South-Korean packed winner of the regular season, New York Excelsior as well as Los Angeles Valiant are already in the semi-finals because of their performance in the regular season. The four other teams will have to earn their spots through the quarterfinals. Each quarterfinal series is a best of three matches, and winning a single match requires three map wins (best of five).

The first series is between Philadelphia Fusion and Boston Uprising. Their first match kicks off the playoffs tomorrow. Los Angeles Gladiators and London Spitfire will soon follow with the first match of their series. These quarterfinal matches will go on until Sunday.

A handy schedule that operates based on your time zone is available on OWL’s official website. The playoffs will be streamed on OWL’s Twitch channel.