Overwatch League’s historical championship goes to London Spitfire

Overwatch League 2018 winners

The first ever winner of Overwatch League is London Spitfire, who destroyed Philadelphia Fusion 2-0 in the League’s final series. After travelling from Los Angeles to New York for the finals, Fusion suffered a crushing defeat in the hands of the South Koreans. Spitfire proved to everyone that they truly are championship material despite their relatively poor placement in the regular season.

In total, there were three matches scheduled for the finale, but as it turns out, the third one wasn’t necessary. Spitfire had a firm grip on their opponents right from the beginning and hardly ever gave Fusion a change to retaliate. The champions gave everyone a clear message already on Friday as they beat Fusion 3-1. The team from the regular season’s first stage was back and it was hungry. Key players on the Spitfire side were Hong ”Gesture” Jae-hee sekä Park ”Profit” Jun-young.

London Spitfire

London Spitfire

Despite the impressive performance the Koreans gave in the first match of the series, Philadelphia Fusion stayed as the home crowd favorite and who had their back until the end. There were a lot of talk around the finals that Fusion had every tool they might’ve needed to turn the series around. The disappointment was great to many when Spitfire ran all over their opponents on the second match and defeated them 3-0. They controlled the match on practically every point and the difference in kill counts of the teams was huge. The series was over perhaps even too soon for an event this size, but the finale was an achievement in itself for both teams, who went into the playoffs as the lowest seeds.

Spitfire’s “Profit” was deservedly awarded with the title of the most valuable player of the match. Fusion’s Lee ”Carpe” Jae-hyeok was, of course, another possible and much speculated candidate, but seeing “Profit’s” and his team’s efforts this weekend surely makes him the correct choice.

Overwatch League 2018 –  Results
1st London Spitfire $1,000,000
2nd Philadelphia Fusion $400,000
3rd – 4th Los Angeles Valiant $100,000
New York Excelsior
5th – 6th Boston Uprising $50,000
Los Angeles Gladiators


Image: Overwatch League Twitter