Overwatch League’s Grand Finale: Which underdog will win the inaugural championship?

Overwatch League 2018 finalists

First ever Overwatch League’s finalists are Philadelphia Fusion and London Spitfire, which came as a bit of surprise to most of us. The playoff stage was played over two weeks in Los Angeles, USA, and most people weren’t probably expecting the fifth and sixth seeds to face each other in the biggest match Overwatch has ever seen. Fusion and Spitfire will fight for the title and $1,000,000 prize this weekend.

Two weeks of playoffs

In the best of three quarterfinal series, London Spitfire took their first ever win over Los Angeles Gladiators. The same pace carried over to semi-finals as well, even though they were again labelled as clear underdogs. Even more surprisingly than in the quarterfinals, Spitfire’s South Korean crew emerged victorious over Los Angeles Valiant, who placed second in the regular season and thus started their tournament from the semi-finals. Spitfire took a clean 2-0 win.

Philadelphia Fusion’s international team faced Boston Uprising in the second quarterfinal series. Uprising had been performing inconsistently for a while, and so the outcome wasn’t easily predictable. Uprising managed to beat Fusion once, but ultimately lost the series 1-2.

In the semi-finals, Fusion was faced with a similarly overwhelming situation to Spitfire’s. New York Excelsior had won the regular season and was the clear front runner of the Fusion versus Excelsior semi-final series. We we’re, again, treated to a surprise, when Fusion steamrolled Excelsior and took a spot in the finals with their 2-0 win.

The Grand Finale

This Friday marks the beginning of the final series which will take place in New York. Schedule for the weekend is available here. Especially due to the playoffs phase’s unpredictable nature, the finale will surely be exciting. Philadelphia Fusion has been more consistent in the long run, but unless the performance level Spitfire has showcased during the playoffs decreases, the South Koreans are more likely to take the title rather quickly in two matches. However, if neither team wins the first two games, a final decider match will be played on Sunday. The showdown will be streamed live on Twitch.

Overwatch League 2018 – Results
1st Philadelphia Fusion vs. London Spitfire $1,000,000
2nd Philadelphia Fusion vs. London Spitfire $400,000
3th – 4th Los Angeles Valiant $100,000
New York Excelsior
5th – 6th Boston Uprising $50,000
Los Angeles Gladiators


Image: Overwatch Twitter