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Esports Awards 2018

Do you have an individual or organization in mind that deserves recognition for their contributions? According to their website, the annual award show, Esports Awards has been aiming to ”recognize and celebrate excellence in esports” since 2016. It summons fans and other community members to vote for the most meritorious achievements of the year to be awarded and engraved into the industry’s history books.

This year’s event divides a list of various categories into two groups. The first group’s finalists were decided last week. Next up is the second voting phase, where anyone can vote for the remaining nominees to win their specific categories. Over a million votes were cast during the first weekend of voting.

The second group, which is focuses on personal achievements, is still open for nominations. All in all, there are several award categories:

Esports Awards 2018 – Award categories
Group 1 Group 2
Esports Breakthrough Game of the Year Console Player of the Year
Esports Commercial Partner of the Year Esports Broadcaster of the Year
Esports Coverage Website of the Year Esports Live Event of the Year
Esports Game of the Year Esports Organisation of the Year
Esports Hardware Provider of the Year Esports Personality of the Year
Esports Journalist of the Year Esports Rookie of the Year (Console)
Esports Photographer of the Year Esports Rookie of the Year (PC)
Esports Publisher of the Year Esports Team of the Year
Esports Supporting Agency of the Year Esports Unsung Hero of the Year
Esports Videographer of the Year PC Player of the Year
Streamer of the Year
Streaming Platform of the Year


Last year’s winners include Eefje ”Sjokz” Depoortere (Esports Personality of the Year), Guy ”Dr DisRespect” Beahm (Esports Streamer of the Year) and Duncan ”Thorin” Shields (Esports Journalist of the Year). Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was awarded “Esports Game of the Year”.

You can vote for the winners of the first group’s categories by leaving your name and email here. Community’s vote accounts for 25% of the overall vote, because a panel called Esports Awards Committee makes up the final 75% of the vote. The Esports Awards Committee consists of 14 “key industry experts”. Three categories have been left for the community to decide by itself: ”Esports Organisation of the Year”, ”Streamer of the Year” and ”Esports Play of the Year”.

The second group is open for nominations here. The award show will be streamed live on the event’s Twitch channel on November 12th.

Source & image: Esports Awards