We could have an Esports Management degree

Yes, mates. We have reached that point.

We could have an Esports Management degree

I imagine all of us would have laughed if someone came and told us: “I think a college will be opening its doors for all eSports enthusiasts to study a Management in such”. But mates, it is really happening.

Let’s add some context to the whole situation. Becker College wants to open a Esports Management degree within its institution, but let’s not be astonished by the fact: Many scholarships are working with these.

In fact, there are some eSports athletes that have been presented with those and, in a world that’s slowly moving towards this scene, it is way reasonable.

Fall 2019 is the date set for the opening of the whole academic program, in which students will have the access to go through their path alongside planning strategies, studying technology, having to dip themselves in business theory, etc.

As mentioned in a fellow webpage, Esports Insider, Aln Ritacco, who is Dean of the School of Design and Technology, had this to say:

Esports grow rapidly and brings new jobs and demands from the industry. Those are the tremendous career opportunities we need to fill, and with a spirited college community that gets video games, adding Esports Management is a perfect fit.

As mentioned before, other colleges have been adding those openings to their current programs, in which we include Oxford University, for instance.

Are Esports going to be commercialized to a point where it’s going to lose their essence? Probably not, as every competitive game will always remain competitive, and sponsorships, alliances, and general recognition will just make the scene harder to get in, but amazing when we’re finally there.