VAC Ban has slammed everyone again

Oh, yeah, it has happened again.

VAC Ban has slammed everyone again

Popular for his strict rules, VALVE has once again hit many accounts with his new “wave of sanctions”. We sure knew about this from early years, but why has it happened again?

Just a few months after its latest upsurge, the American company attacks back, banning over 120,000 accounts on Steam as a new step on his “campaign against hackers and cheats”, being the second on this month, after a 90,000-ban happened.

Sure, VAC system has earlier shown that it had no efficiency at all: However, nowadays it feels like it has grown to a point where it actually works. Previously, its developers had taken the path of enhancing it and, oh boy! They did it.

As for July, more than 121,496 accounts (and even more) have been issued banned as part of the aforementioned “crusade” which, in all cases, might serve as a goodie for all the community.

It was first reported on GameZone and now more news venues are claiming that the information is, indeed, correct. According to VALVE, those bans are because of “exploits consumers and third-part software in order to take advantage of many of their games”.

They also stated that there will be “no negotiations”, and that those bans will be permanent, without any possible revision. Right on, VALVE!

What is uncertain from now on is how unfair were those sanctions to players that had not committed no any particular cheat, which is a part of the problem and no the solution: We truly believe that Steam community will be open for those kinds of complaints.

Time to check on your Steam account? You better hurry up, pal.