Tournament platform StriveWire shuts down – Players wait for payment

Tournament platform StriveWire shuts down – Players wait for payment

Couple days ago StriveWire was popular tournament platform for Hearthstone players around the world. With small tournament fees players could participate in competitive games and even win some pocket money.

After four years and just couple of weeks ago newly branded StriveWire shutted down without any warning. All that players had was one announcement at website:


We’re shutting down

We’ve been working on StriveWire for the last few years with all our passion and enthusiasm to create the worlds best eSports platform.
Unfortunately we could not acquire sufficient traction and funding to reach a decent size.

We have applied for insolvency and have stopped the business. No payments can be made at present. Payouts will be resumed once insolvency process kicks in. This might take a few weeks or months.

Thanks for your understanding.


So players who have put money in their account or who have tournament prize money are not able to withdraw those coins away from platform. Even though most players had mainly just small amounts of cash in their account, Dot Esports reported that some players even had 750 euros at their account.

Let’s all hope that StriveWire can really pay players back when the insolvency process starts.