PUBG celebrates 400 million players

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Battle royale game Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has announced on Steam that the game has now 400 million registered players. Additionally, it has sold a combined amount of over 50 million copies on Xbox and Steam around the world, and over 87 million people play the game daily.


It is worth noting though, that the stats are heavily affected by the game’s mobile version which was released in March. In Steam the game’s average daily player amount hovers around a million. Despite the fact that most of the recent player gains come from the mobile version, the studio behind PUBG is optimistic about its future. In the spirit of this milestone, the game’s now on a 33 percent sale on Steam. This is the first time we’ve seen price go down, so this might be time to pick the game up if battle royale games are what you’re into.

The sale started just in time before the new Event Pass system launches on June 22nd. The game studio wrote about the system in Steam. In short, the paid system brings players missions which they can complete to level up their pass and earn rewards. The first Event Pass will last around four weeks. Additional information about the system was promised to be released soon.