Players are leaving PUBG

pubg players leaving

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has dominated as Steam’s most played game month after month. Even though the game is still number one of that list, its playerbase has shrinked almost by 50%.


According to Steam Charts -website, at january there was on average a 1,584,886 PUBG players, but at may there where only 874,451 players. That’s quite a drop, even when player numbers change drastically day by day. It seems like the PUBG-fever has calmed down after all.


One of the greatest problems of the game is number of cheating gamers, even though PUBG Corp. has tried to kick them out of the game numerous times. For example, at january over million players was banned from the game.

Second problem is the increasing number of battle royale -games, which are now entering the same market which PUBG has dominated. For example Fortnite has managed to conquer almost every platform and there are even rumours that the game is going to be ported on Switch. PUBG on a other hand is struggling to perform even on PC, Xbox One and mobile devices.


Sorce of picture: PUBG Corporation
Source: Steam Charts