North America has officially announced its Overwatch roster

They wanted YOU!

North America has officially announced its Overwatch roster

Team USA has recently revealed their composition of players who will attend to the Overwatch World Cup.

Twelve will be the gentleman that will join this structure in order to fulfil that American dream — Well, at least they’ll try.

The announcement was made through their official Twitter account, as it follows:

What could be even more cliché? Well, they did it on July the 4th, their independence day, so your weekly dose of expected but not-so-much publications.

Here, now, we present you the full list of players, as displayed before:

  • Sinatraa (DPS, San Francisco Shock)
  • ZachaREEE (Flex, Fusion University)
  • Danteh (DPS, San Francisco Shock)
  • Hydration (DPS, Los Angelis Gladiators)
  • Sleepy (Support, San Francisco Shock)
  • Elk (Support, Fusion University)
  • Muma (Tank, Houston Outlaws)
  • McGravy (Flex, Team Envy)
  • Super (Tank, San Francisco Shock)
  • Space (Flex, Los Angeles Valiant)
  • Rawkus (Support, Houston Outlaws)
  • Moth (Support, San Francisco Shock)

Very familiar faces around, and some of the others that we are not used to see. As it was pretty obvious, we see a lot of representation both from Los Angeles and San Francisco.

We can also notice some young individuals such as Sinatraa and Moth who, by the way, were accepted to participate in big tournaments beginning this year, as they both were underage by the time they got into the scene. How impressive is that?

The Overwatch World Cup is organized by Blizzard Entertainment, and will take place the following November, with a prize pool of (so far) $900,000. Get to know more by clicking here.

There’s much to come, so don’t forget to follow Team USA on their Discord.