Madlife is officially out of the competitive scene

The all-time support has opted out.

Madlife is officially out of the competitive scene

After many years of service, the all-time support, Hong “Madlife” Ming-hi has officially announced he’s out of the competitive scene. Was it about time?

This 25-yo man South Korean was a star of League of Legends, having contributed with many squads such as MiG Frost, Azubu Frost, CJ Entus Frost, CJ Entus and its most known one: Gold Coin United.

2012 was the year that young Hong decided to debut with Maximum Impact Gaming Frost, where he acquired the role of the support: What he did not saw was that the credit he was going to gain upon this.

He has been recognized by their actions with leading champions Tresh or Blitzcrank, but let’s make ourselves be completely in context, so take a look at the following montage if you want to get to know a real monster:

“I am the player who changed the role of the support back then” says the Korean player through an interview, and it is completely true: Back in 2012, support players were seen as useless, but look at them now.

Even though Madlife stopped his competitive career a while ago to become a content creator, it is now officially announced that he won’t get back to the competitive scene anytime soon.

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