IEM Sydney finalists decided – Mousesports on Astralis’ leash again in the semifinals

IEM Sydney finalists decided – Mousesports on Astralis’ leash again in the semifinals

Two teams played their way through the playoffs to the tomorrow’s finals: FaZe Clan and Astralis. To the disappointment of the crowd, the home team Renegades got eliminated in the quarterfinals by Mousesports. Fnatic was also sent home yesterday as FaZe Clan continued their winning streak. FaZe also eliminated TyLoo in the semifinals and got a well-deserved spot in the title decider.

The tournament’s front runner, Astralis, and Mousesports were the contenders of the other semifinal match. The two teams had already met once in the tournament. Last time Astralis had sent Mousesports to fight its way into the playoffs through the lower bracket. So, the spot in the semifinals had not come easily to Mousesports, which must make the 2-1 loss against the Danish team feel frustrating.

The very first map of the match was selected to be Dust2, where Mousesports was badly left behind their opponent, in the end losing the map 16-3. In the next map, Inferno, Mousesports fans were given hope of a spot in the finals as the team seemed to have bounced back from their slumber. The game continued as unpredictable as the winner-loser roles alternated between the teams. On the Astralis’ team, Emil “Magisk” Reif stood tall and made Mousesports’ ranks suffer, often right at the start of the rounds, leaving Miikka “suNny” Kemppi, who seemed finally more active, and he’s teammates outnumbered. The Danish team was strong as a whole but luckily Mousesports’ game was also on point and the game got sent to overtime.

In the third map, Cache, Mousesports’ oomph was gone. In contrast Astalis played like they had played earlier in Dust2. Astralis’ Nikola “dev1ce” Reedtz and Peter “dupreeh” Rothmann dominated the battle as Mousesports’ Robin “ropz” Kool tried even it out by picking up some important kills. In the 13th round, the Mousesports captain Chris “ChrisJ” de Jong clutched a promising 1 versus 3 with his 0-11 stats but the next round again was picked by Astralis. Halfway into the third map, Martin “STYKO” Styk seemed to also be activating but unfortunately it was already too late, and the rest of the team wasn’t able to keep up with Astralis anymore. Mousesports’ players seemed to step up only alternately, but synchronization was absent. This combined with the steady performance of Astralis sealed the fate of Mousesports. The semifinal match ended 16-3 and Mousesports was left with 20 000 dollars instead of a chance at 100 000.

The best-of-five title decider between FaZe and Astrais kicks off tomorrow. Start time can be found on HLTV.