Germany says nein to pre-ordering

Strict laws and a thought Regional Court made this “impossible”.

Germany says nein to pre-ordering

Many European countries seem to have different and strict rules regarding videogames: Some regarding their ways of being distributed, and others simply because of what they consider to be “fair” for consumers.

This time, however, we are in front of the great Germany, a country who hasn’t been quite around the scene, but yet prevails because of their interestingly strict rules.

Now, through a recently claimed ruling (which I highly recommend you NOT to read in case you don’t know German — believe me, we didn’t read it as well) by The Higher Regional Court of Munich has been in favor of a petitioner who has put a demand on a reseller.

As noted in a fellow eSports portal, the demand was on due to “excessive delays”, and other uncertain details such as the dates of a release: Which, as we have all seen before, are mainly published when the date itself is close.

At first sight, this seems like someone screwed up on some game selling, but actually this was no related to videogames at first: The whole issue came about a folk selling a Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone, reason why the aforementioned Court decided to ban everything that was alike.

Variety offered a wider explanation on this themselves, having some comments from Wolfgang Schuldzinski, CEO of Düsseldorf Consumer, on his beliefs about this decision. “Providers must specific by when the goods are (or going to be) delivered” said Schuldzinski.

If this particular ruling will help the customers remains quite uncertain, but one thing we do know: It is going to be a difficult ride for all sellers there in Germany with no more pre-ordering.

Anyhow, we can’t do less than encourage our black, red and yellow friends to continue enjoying the best upcoming titles, even with the “nein” from the judicial law.