Fortnite Mobile has made over £76M

Not even its finest rival won this time.

Fortnite Mobile has made over £76M

Oi! Title is clear, but not clearer than those enormous $100M (£76M) made by Fortnite in the last 60 days with its mobile version.

The information came by the hand of SensorTower, an application created for marketers in order to have a report on their app’s data: And I believe it came out to be very handy this time!

As in their regular report, SensorTower states that “Epic Games has managed to surpass some of the most successful mobile titles of the past two years” and of course, having got to a £76M growth in less than three months.

Other mobile games such as Honor of Kings, for instance, took 179 days to reach its 76 million, but Fortnite has come to the same amount in just 3 months.

Let’s make something clear: That app mobile counts only through the App store, so the iOS version prevails over the android one although its initial phase was only available through invitations and did not do its greatest job.

Fortnite is only surpassed by games like Clash Royale or Pokémon GO, but it become one of the top grossing multiplayer mobile actions game? That’s up to Epic Games, but for now, they are doing fantastic.

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