Chinese VPGame admin has been caught for trying to fix Dota 2 matches

vpgame match fixing

As long as there has been betting, there has also been someone trying to make profit by fixing matches. Now when e-sports are more popular than ever, there are also new ways for trying shady business.

vpgame match fixing discussion

AFK Gaming reported that it has found out that VPGame-organisation has been trying to fix matches. VPGame is a website, which is focused on betting and trading items. Its main games are Dota 2, Overwatch and League of Legends.


SEA Dota 2 team manager had a contact request from someone who introduced himself as VPGame employee. After this the conversation continued at Skype, where VPGame admin VPGAME.Juntao offered something shady. Quite bluntly he asked that if the team could lose some matches in response of some items and in site publicity. Manager refused and the whole thing has now leaked to the internet.

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It also possible that those two persons has nothing to do with VPgame, but according to AFK Gaming´s recearch VPGAME.Juntao is a real admin of the organisation.


Source of picture: Valve
Source of Facebook and Skype conversation: AFK Gaming
Source: AFK Gaming