£3.3M goes to the Mogul Arena by Razer

The big company continues its rounds of investments.

£3.3M goes to the Mogul Arena by Razer

As reported on a fellow online news site, eSportsInsider, seems like Razer has done a £3.3M investment on Esports Mogul, an eSports media company.

The latter are accountable for the Mogul Arena, a place where Dota 2, CS:GO, League of Legends and more titles take place over the course of different tournaments.

This makes Esports Mogul a rather noteworthy shareholder on Razer, as it is part of this declared “round of investments” in which we can include Cloud Alliance, a non-profit organization.

The company is rather excited about this news and, according to Gernot Abl, its Director, they are “Thrilled with the level and quality of investor’s interest in this placement”, and that is totally right!

Money will be used for the online eSports tournament platform called Mogul Arena, with Razor pushing its Razer zSilver digital currency onto this platform, in an attempt to create an exclusive eSports Elite service.

Both companies share similar visions, as they strive to generate outstanding gaming experiences, and this will surely improve all of their processes, buildings and more. Those three million sure can be useful!

Razer has involved in many investments through the years, as part of their commitment to promote their own products, but this sure adds a great partnership to their lead.

Take a look at the Mogul Arena by clicking here.