$100k tournaments are the next step on Paladin’s Realm Royale

Realm Royale continues working on their biggest title so far.

$100k tournaments are the next step on Paladin’s Realm Royale

Realm Royale, one of the newest titles from the Battle Royale scene has been caught up with some new features that may result in tons of money for the right players.

Sure, this survival game hasn’t got any eSports representation yet even though its developers are working incessantly in order to make it, but what are they up to?

Taking it from the Fortnite perspective thanks to different collaborations and a billionaire investment in which they’ve spent over $100M they have focused on its competitive scene, and we saw that announcement being made through their official Twitter account:

A new modality, however, is yet to come. With that being said, Realm Royale has announced the creation of new weekly tournaments where rewards will be up to $100k in prizes that, just as we claimed at the beginning, can go to the correct players.

This seems like the new way of Battle Royale games to create a sort of parallel-eSports scene in which people can still have fun and earn quite a lot of money, and is also part of a promotional campaign by KEEMSTAR himself:

Realm Royale weekly tournaments start next July the 21st, so be sure to grab your champions and enrol into this great adventure.

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