Europe’s LCS playoff spots finalized

EU LCS 2018

There’s only one week is left in the regular season of this year’s League Championship Series. All playoff spots have been filled, leaving the ninth and last week solely to decide the final placements of the regular season.

Regardless of how the eventual placements turn out, FnaticFC Schalke 04G2 EsportsMisfits GamingTeam Vitality and Splyce have all qualified for the playoffs, scheduled to begin on the 24th . This leaves ROCCATGiants GamingUnicorns of Love as well as H2k out of the championship battle. The group of six who secured their places in the playoffs was largely expected, although almost any of the four least successful teams could’ve taken Splyce or Team Vitality’s spots.

At the top of this season’s rankings are Fnatic with their 12W-4L score. First three weeks were won by G2 Esports, whose 11W-5L score is now tied with Misfits and Schalke 04. Fnatic had a rocky start, and last week they seemed to have a hard time against Splyce and even Giants. FC Schalke 04 has had a similar journey, which has turned into quite an impressive run towards the regular season’s conclusion. They’ve become a serious contender for the playoffs’ first prize: a spot in October’s World Championship tournament.

Misfits dominated the series until the fifth week, when they slowed down somewhat aggressively. Their amazing 8W-0L streak was followed by three weeks of 1-1 scores as well as their worst week of the season. They first lost to Schalke 04, which is really nothing to sulk about, but we were soon given glimpses into their lacklustre future when they lost to Giants. In the beginning of the season they were most notably able to beat Schalke 04, Fnatic and G2, but their issues went so deep last week, that they even had serious trouble against H2k, who hold the undisputable bottom spot in the rankings.

You can’t really do worse than H2k-Gaming when it comes to the group stage. In the seventh week, faced against Splyce, the team were finally able to win their first and (so far) last match of the season. This leaves them at the bottom of the bunch with their 1-15 score. Next week is the last chance for them to at least minimize the damage, although placing higher is not a possibility anymore.

Speaking of H2k and next week, the final week begins this Friday with a match between H2k and Unicorns of Love. This is followed by Schalke 04 and Splyce’s rematch. Schedule is available here, and the matches will be streamed live on Riot Games’ Twitch channel.

EU LCS Summer 2018 – Results prior to the final week
1st Fnatic 12 – 4
2nd FC Schalke 04 11 – 5
G2 Esports
Misfits Gaming
5th Team Vitality 10 – 6
6th Splyce 8 – 8
7th Team ROCCAT 6 – 10
8th Giants Gaming 5 – 11
Unicorns Of Love
10th H2k-Gaming 1 – 15