Hearthstone Global Games is returning for its second instalment

Hearthstone Global Games

Hearthstone Global Games or HGG is Blizzard’s official competitive Hearthstone event. Last year’s inaugural HGG was won by Czech Republic. The teams of four are established by country, and like last time, a total of 48 countries are participating in the second season.  The event starts tomorrow July 17th and will continue until Blizzcon in November.

Format of the tournament has been changed since last season. Instead of a group stage, all the teams will start together in a Swiss stage. Swiss format means that teams with similar performance will be facing each other. The first encounters are random. 16 best teams will advance to the group stage in the beginning of September. The finals are scheduled to be played in Blizzcon in September.

The teams comprise of four players. One of them is the HC point leader for the country, while the other three have been voted by the country’s community.

Blizzard has been relatively quiet about the second instalment of HGG, but according to their announcement, the event begins on July 17th at 10 a.m. CEST. You can watch the event live Hearthstone’s official Twitch channel.

Source and image: Blizzard