CLG joins Fortnite – Roster introduced on a funny video

CLG's Fortnite team

Since Epic Games announced their $100,000,000 investment in competitive Fortnite, the just over a year-old game has attracted dozens of organizations known previously for their teams in different esports titles. Joining many others, Counter Logic Gaming or CLG, best known for their League of Legends team, has also expanded their horizons to Fortnite via a video they published on Twitter. The North American organization gave up their Counter-Strike team last year.

The definitive roster was finally decided on after months of scouting and contemplating, CLG says on their website. You can watch the amazing introductory video below.

Just to be safe, I’ve also listed the team members with a traditional bulleted list:

  • Nick ”Marksman” Overton
  • Kevin ”KP5ive” Stevenson
  • Sam ”WishYouLuckk” Salcedo
  • Chris ”Chrispy” Philavanh

Fresh Fortnite teams have been popping up all over the world at such a rate that it’s no doubt tough to keep up, especially if you don’t follow competitive Fortnite religiously. Every game has its top teams but Fortnite, being as young of a esports title as it is, is bound to see its top spots ruled by many different organizations in a relatively short period of time. The current Fortnite giant is undisputedly the whole of North America with teams like FaZe Clan, Team Liquid and 100 Thieves. Thus, the new challenger, CLG, won’t get bored at home any time soon.

Source: Counter Logic Gaming