Leauge of Legends tournaments 2018

League of Legends eSports is still thriving and giving exitment for esports players and betters. Even thought game has lost many players to other games like fortnite and pubg, League of Legends tournaments are still one of the most exiting esports tournaments you can follow. Best thing about league of legends for esports gamblers is the strong teams that don’t change very single month, so you can actually follow up about team performance and single player performance much better.

European Masters Summer 2018

Held Sep 10 – 30, 2018. Prize pool 150 000 euros. 20 teams will quelify from National leagues. 1st team gets 40 000€, 2nd team 25 000€ and 3rd team 13 500€. Tournament includes multiple Online parts. More info announced soon.

NA LCS Regional Finals

Held Sep 14 – 16, 2018. Teams and prize pool still un-announced.

LDL Summer Finals 2018

Held Oct 1 – Nov 1, 2018. Chinece tournament is organized with Tencent Games, current owner of Riot Games. Tournament contains top 2 teams from every region, but other information is still to be announced. Tournament will be offline.