ELEAGUE Premier 2018


The biggest among professional tournaments is yet to come, and with it, we present you all the essential information to it.

ELEAGUE, also known as EL, is one of the most-viewed professional eSports leagues who is currently on its way to deliver the latest and utmost Counter Strike: Global Offensive event: the ELEAGUE Premier.

Taking place from July the 21st to July the 29th, we wanted to keep you guys updated in all the essential information that you need in order to be able to answer everything and be downstage even if you’re not attending in person.

Let’s take ourselves a minute to go over History, Formats, Participating Teams, Prize Pool and further data here, on eSportsOdds.com.

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eleague winner history

Beforehand we jump in to the definite subject, you may be want to know every aspect about this specific tournament, and one of them would be the history of ELEAGUE itself.

As stated by their Wikipedia page, ELEAGUE, sometimes shortened as EL, works as a professional eSports league who found their establishment by May, 2016 in the United States, discovering their early stages alongside the widely-known broadcasting channel TBS.

Fascinatingly, these guys’ first organized competition was the same that bring us all together here: A Counter Strike: Global Offensive one which, by the way, took place as their “opening” ceremony for all of the tournaments that scratched their way up to the amazing association they created.

Last year we saw Astralis taking its throne as the first place in the competition, but the question is: Will they continue to hold their crown?  


Participating Teams on ELEAGUE 2018

teams that participate to eleague8 is the number of teams who will participate in the tournament, and yes: we have far-sighted the greatest over the years. Here you have their correspondent names and their members’:




This is the classical roster for the Swedish team:

  • JW
  • flusha
  • Xizt
  • draken
  • Jumpy (Coach)
As for the Americans, here are the ones joining the fight:

·         Skadoodle

·         autimatic

·         RUSH

·         Styko

·         Golden

·         valens (Coach)

FaZe Clan


Another American association who’d take this guys to the battle:

·         rain

·         karrigan

·         NiKO

·         GuardiaN

·         olofmeister

·         RobbaN (Coach)

Along the Danish team we will have the presence of:

·         device

·         dupreeh

·         Xyp9x

·         gla1ve

·         Magisk

·         zonic (Coach)

Natus Vincere


As for the Russia/Ukraine list:

·         Edward

·         flamie

·         s1mple

·         Zeus

·         electronic

·         kane (Coach)

Let’s go with the Brazilians, who are currently playing with some Americans as well:

·         FalleN

·         fer

·         coldzera

·         Stewie2k

·         tarik

·         dead (Coach)

Team Liquid


Founded in the Netherlands, here are the folks from Liquid:

·         EliGE

·         Twistzz

·         NAF

·         nitr0

·         TACO

Say ia! to all German fans out there. Here are your representatives:

·         Snax

·         sunny

·         ropz

·         oskar

·         chrisj

·         Imbt (Coach)

As we know so far, there will be two Groups: both A and B, and just like in traditional tournaments, they will have their own face-offs and clashes between the mentioned teams. Consistent with Liquipedia, here are how the groups will be divided:

Group A

Group B

·         Team Liquid

·         MIBR

·         Cloud9

·         Astralis

·         mousesports

·         FaZe Clan

·         Natus Vincere

·         Fnatic

Continue to read on in order to know which formats, dates and other rewards will be offered to the winning teams after they’ve successfully conquered the victory.


Dates and Format

eleague when is it playedAs you may have already noticed (and, well, we have cited it) the ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier of 2018 will have either a Group Stage and Playoffs, who will direct those winning teams up to the Grand Finals.

Group Stage will take place from July 21st to July 25th of 2018 in two double-elimination format (groups with 4 teams) with a Bo3, or Best of Three format, from which the top two teams will advance to the Playoffs.

Playoffs, in exchange, will develop in a single-elimination bracket, with their semi-finals in Bo3 and the Grand Final in Bo5, taking place from July the 28th to July 29th 2018.

We will see the faces of those who are willing to bring home a lot of cash, starting Staturday, July 21st at 2:00p.m. ET; and we will be going to be able to watch it through Twitch, B/R Live and ELEAGUE’S Game Command.

But, what about the prize pool? Easy there! You’re about to get to that part. Keep on with the reading and find out what makes this event one of the most anticipated.


ELEAGUE 2018 Prize Pool

eleague 2018 prize poolWe sure have seen some huge prize pools throughout the year, but high numbers never stop getting us amazed, and this is one of those cases.

Counter Strike championships, such as other important eSports titles, has had a huge impact alongside the gaming public, permitting players to go full-on their professional suits, leaving home and becoming sort-of rich superstars.

For that, and more, it is noteworthy for you to know that ELEAGUE’s prize pool is $1,000,000 USD, symbolizing quite the same amount that Astralis, its preceding victor, had on their hands a year back.

Money will be spread with $80,000 for the 3rd and 4th place, $200,000 for the 2nd and $500,000 for the 1rst place: If you’re thinking on betting, we believe ELEAGUE is just the place you need to be focused on.

Also you can be the winner by reading our betting tips for ELEAGUE, and betting with best eSports odds on the market!


Talent on Eleague Premier

eleague 2018 talentsJust like any other year, it’s time to get to those are going to make a great experience out of this event, joining forces and voices also to bring an outstanding audio-visual involvement. Taken from the already mentioned eSports wiki, here are some of the broadcast talent:


  • Commentators & CS:GO Analysts:
      • Daniel Kapadia, also known as ddk
      • moses, also known as Jason O’Toole
      • James Bardolph, also known as JZFB
      • Anders Blume, also known as Anders
      • Janko Paunović, also known as YNk
  • Interviewer:
      • This time we have the host herself, voice of sc2gears and more, the great Sue Lee, also known as Smix
  • Host:
    • The British host and commenter types its way back to the scene one more time, the great Alex Richardson, also known as Machine

All of those will make this 8-team fight worth $1,000,000 USD on the G-FUEL ELEAGUE Arena worth millions to the viewers, and keeping them updated to the fullest.



eleague map poolEvery event offers different maps, available to be played after a draft or following the decision of the teams themselves. The ELEAGUE will feature:

  •  Inferno
  •  Nuke
  •  Train
  •  Mirage
  •  Overpass
  •  Dust II
  •  Cache

You can either buy your tickets right here, or check out for the tournament’s FAQs (they do talk about getting free stuff made by them during the tournament, so be sure to revise it!) following this link.

There’s still much to discover about this amazing event, and we will be sure doing that by tomorrow morning. Load your rifles and get your shields together, because this is going to be a busy week, folks!

Be sure to follow ELEAGUE’s Twitch account and don’t miss anything on their official webpage. Stay tuned on eSportsOdds for more!