Team Liquid and joinDOTA to bring some excitement before TI

Just when we thought everything was going to be boring.

Team Liquid and joinDOTA to bring some excitement before TI

The International 2018 is just ahead but, considering it will take place on August this year and all the other tournaments from the DPC are already over, what comes next?

Both Team Liquid and joinDOTA have answered this precise incognita by, pretty much, teaming up in order to “bring some excitement to this wasted month”, according to a fellow news centre.

Now, you might be wondering why the hustle. In terms of tournaments, the next and only left event seems to be the Community and Staff Cup, which will be celebrated in just one week.

Just as the title explains itself, this competition will feature all of the members of the workgroup and community from Dota 2 so, in case you wanted to go for the big run recently: This is your chance to shine!

Some Open Qualifiers will be held on Saturday, July the 14th and 7:00 GMT +3, with a classic format of Bo1, and the main event will continue to take place the day after on July the 15th at 7:00 p.m. GMT +3 alongside some Captain Mode’s matches.

Questioning about main event’s format? It will present a Bo1 double-elimination, and Grand Final will do a Bo3 — Do you think you’re worthy enough?

It’s good to highpoint who will attend to this interesting event and, for that, here you have the list of so far participants:

  • TI Qualifiers casters
  • MoonduckTV
  • Starladder
  • WeLikeDota
  • Team Liquid (its Community)
  • Team Secret (its Community)

Perhaps we can get to see much more, but there’s, no doubt, need to wait until the contest itself hits off. You can participate registering through this link, and we do recommend you to do it fast, since slots are limited.

For more information, be sure to follow up joinDOTA’s Twitch channel.