MaraCup is back with its Season 3!

The also known-as “Oyster Major” has, once again, the greatest prizes.

MaraCup is back with its Season 3!

All right fellows, subtitle was ironic, but that doesn’t mean that those prizes aren’t rewarding for all of us: At the end, there are some oyster-lovers out there.

The Oyster Major is back in town with its latest Season 3, where we will be able to watch some interesting Dota 2 matches — Oh, and by the way, the name speaks for itself: Yes, you do get oysters when winning.

This particular tournament is no subject to the DPC, and has been organized since 2016 by a Japanese oyster bed worker named “Mara-San” who, apparently, is a diehard fanatic of Dota.

This event receives everyone worldwide to join but, at the end of the day, there’s not much sense on participating if you live far from Japan, and the reasons are within their prizes.

A trophy, oysters, wagyu meat, a box full of peaches and some peripheral can go home with the best team of all, representing their official prices and breaking the barrier of “cash rewards”.

Now, MaraCup registrations are open since yesterday, July the 7th, and will continue to be as its Qualifiers are being played right now. Check out their live streams by visiting their official Twitch.

LAN event (and the main one) will take place on July the 28th in Tokyo, Japan, so we wish you the best if you decide to participate (or if you just want to go head there and try some of that delicious Japanese meals).

Best of lucks, contenders!