Grimstroke: New hero on Dota 2

Just before The International was over, Valve’s announcement came as surprise.

Grimstroke: New hero on Dota 2

The biggest Dota 2 event of the year is finally over: The International 2018 came to an end, leaving the Americans, OG, as its fool proof winner – and making them the firsts Americans to beat this awesome tournament. What, am I the only one who expected the Chinese to win?

However, good news was ahead right before the competition was over. Newest Dota 2’s hero has been revealed to be Grimstroke, a ranged intelligence hero, specializing in a synergizing and nuking support.

According to its lore, this character proves to be a sophisticated and cruel vile force with a great amount of strength: And it comes as no surprise. From the Ascended Ones, Grimstroke looks alike the Huskar, but still has an original concept.

Now, even though we are not going deeper into the subject, Grimstroke’s abilities are the “Stroke of Fate”, “Phantom’s Embrace”, “Ink Swell” and “Soulbind” which, overall, make him a good-to-nerf hero in the future, since most of his abilities turns the Grim into a damage machine.

Sure, it has some reminiscence with many other characters since, as you may already know, Valve has opted to create a “mix-up” with their playable characters, in order to innovate in ideas, elements, skins and more.

As any other player would tell you, we highly recommend not to enter competitive plays until everyone (including yourself) has fully understood and comprehended the functioning of the Grimstroke.

Rather than that, we hope you have a good time with this hero, which, as we said, seems to be quite powerful for the time. Let’s just wait, right?

Find out more about the hero on its official section.