Everything about The International 2018 and Compendium’s update

Closer than ever, Dota 2’s greatest event is around the corner.

Everything about The International 2018 and Compendium’s update

Once again, we’ve come to that moment of the year in which we celebrate Dota 2’s biggest tournament: The International and, with it, many surprises will arise.

In case you’re not habituated with the whole concept of eSports tournaments alike, here’s your chance to get a little bit up to it. The International 2018, according to Liquipedia, is the final contest in the Dota Pro Circuit, organized by Valve.

Now, everything else regarding the side-tournaments you must find it yourself, but let’s try to sum up everything we know, including this news title, as best as we can.

Participating Teams

There are two possible ways to get into this big contest: You either get invited, by being a famous team, or otherwise you and your team will have to make your own path through the Dota Pro Circuit which, nowadays, embraces many events that took place within the current year.

This is the list of teams that got a direct invitation to the tournament:

  • Virtus.pro
  • Team Liquid
  • LGD
  • Mineski
  • Newee
  • Team Secret
  • Vici Gaming
  • Thunder

As for the ones that had to be qualified in order to join:

  • Fnatic (surprisingly, yes)
  • TNC Predator
  • Storm
  • Evil Geniuses
  • paiN Gaming
  • OpTic Gaming
  • OG
  • Winstrike Team
  • Team Serenity
  • Invictus Gaming

The format of the games

Each one of the aforementioned had to overcome a series of either tests, tournaments or simply shape their name, creating the greatest reputation of all. Point is: They made it here.

Main event will be celebrated on August, but there have been side-tournaments like the Open Qualifiers, Regional Qualifiers and Group Stage in order to gather all of those 18 fortunate teams that will be facing each other on the competition.

Sixteen of those teams will contemplate the double-elimination format for over six days, eight of whom will go to the Upper Bracket, and eight to the Lower Bracket. Grand Finals are Bo5 format, and the rest are Bo3.

Place and Prize Pool

We got to admit, the whole deal with the prize pool seemed a little bit shady at the beginning of the season, with a prize pool that had less than $300,000 to offer — We can now say that we are most than excited by it!

You might be wondering: So where is it going to take place? Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada. On their side, this spectacular sports venue has been around for 23 years, and has received many other disciplines, as you may expect, from all sorts of athletic activities.

One of the way Valve is making the whole prize pool, as expected, is through The International Battle Pass, which gives players certain advantages as you will read in the following key point.

So far, the amount collected represented a $1,600,000 plus 25% of the sales of the cited Battle Pass. Currently, the total prize pool is $19,679,516 (Oh, yeah fellows!).

Compendium’s Update

Just three days ago, there was revealed a new update to the Compendium, adding quite some new features to the game, and to the Battle Pass itself.

Such update was posted through the Steam Community, in which some characteristics were added in order to “start the preparation for the Group Stage and Main Event”.

We’d like to clarify, firstly, that Fantasy Challenge is back! Meaning that Player Card Packs, as noted, have made their return for all of us. Let’s start making combinations and gain some points.

But what has changed, then? This year cards are available for crafting so, instead of waiting to have your favourites, you can make them your own! Let’s add as well the “possibility to purchase a specific player’s card with dust” to that list.

Hero, Team, Player and Tournament Predictions are also included. It’s worth noticing that we are going to be able to select our year’s favourite teams, and with that, win rewards such as “team logo sprays, profile cards, team effigy banners, and show ups in that team’s fan count”.

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The International 2018 is looking better than ever, and those updates make up for everything we were sort of disappointed until now.

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