Dota 2 is the most watched channel on the pro scene

Newzoo has some good news for all Dota 2 fans.

Dota 2 is the most watched channel on the pro scene

When it comes to Twitch, we all think that the most watched channel has to do with Fortnite, and even when it does, Newzoo has some news for us that you should really check out.

First of all, you might be wondering what is that Newzoo? Totally valid. Newzoo is a market intelligence provider, who covers global games, eSports and mobile markets.

As for today, the aforementioned company has revealed an article were it takes us throughout the ranking features of “top games”, showing who are the best on Twitch and YouTube.

It is worth noticing that ranking system works filtering eSports hours and total hours for both platforms, so don’t’ be surprised if your favourite games are not on the list: Just wait until you get there.

The ranking takesus from Magic: The Gathering, all the way to the top with Dota 1 on the number one spot. We can also see some of Rocket League, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS and Heroes of the Storm.

Top 4, however, displays the classics: League of Legends in the second place, Overwatch on the third and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive at last.

Valve has had many to offer during the last months, with plenty of tournaments like MDL Changsha, ESL One Birmingham an EPICENTER XL, but they still have the largest of all obstacles: The International 2018.

Even though we are proud believing that they will solve all of the issues that might appear during their biggest tournament, we also want to see that poor prize pool going up.

Right now, news are huge for Valve, with such a successfully-planned gaming keeping it up for the company alongside other titles, so let’s wait and see what other amazing things the ol’ Gabe has for us.

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