Dendi’s break from Dota is still on hold

His situation remains quite controversial, as he is present in the BTS Summer Cup.

Dendi’s break from Dota is still on hold

The Beyond The Summit Summer Cup has officially kicked in days ago, but we are still wondering how come Dendi is there, as part of the substitutes?

The context of the controversy itself was originated after some announces from many teams in which they were, basically, revealing their new rosters.

Team Empire was one of the mentioned teams, declaring that there were some guys who were going to be kicked off, and others who would join its line-up for the best: At least that’s what we hope.

In the middle of the whole euphoria on which players would take the “stand-in” roles, we found out that Dendi, who is known as Danil Ishutin in real life, has been welcomed as a substitute on Vega Squadron.

Yes, you could imagine what came next: Angry fans believing he had left the spot on his former team Na’Vi (for which he’s widely known) to take on and try different perspectives of the same competitive scene.

However, things were not as we could expect, and Dendi was prompt to answer via Twitter stating that “he was just helping friends out”, and claiming that it was something pretty normal to do which, in fact, is true.

Take a look at what he responded on Twitter right here:

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Bad or good, stand-ins are true terms and they do offer that support all teams need. In all cases, Vega Squadron counts on one of the best players around, so great for them.

The BTS Summer Cup has been organized by Beyond the Summit and sponsored by GG.BET. 14 teams will face off on a double-elimination format, starting from June the 29th to July the 9th.

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