All what’s known of DOTA Summit 9

New teams have been added to their list.

All what’s known of DOTA Summit 9

Summit’s ninth instalment is right here, and with it, many changes have arisen regarding the tournament itself, and that’s what brought us here today.

Let’s do a quick overview on what does this tournament represent and why should it be important not only to the teams but to the participants as well.

The Summit

This tournament symbolizes the pre-International 2018, in which teams from all over the world gather in order to practice for the main and biggest Dota 2 event of all year: The well-known International.

This year’s announcement, according to Liquipedia, was brought through a short clip at the end of Smash Summit 6, which was celebrated on May and, as we already mentioned, this particular event will serve as the practice for the teams that follows.


There’s no further information upon this particular event, but one thing we know, and that’s the different teams that will participate in it.

At the beginning, DOTA Summit 9 had planned to only showcase four teams, and that, of course, seemed like too little to all of the community. However, some changes have been made, and seems like organizers have added two more teams to the roster.

The Brazilian squad, paiN Gaming and OpTic Gaming will be the ones to join the list, both of whom will also attend to the International 2018, and leaving only Team Kinguin (also known as Let’s Do It) as the only attendee who will not participate in DOTA Summit 9.

This makes three out of six available spots for the NA region, and whether they’re still on the middle of a controversy or not, at least there’s a part of us that now knows that they are covered.

So far, the list looks this way:

  • OpTic Gaming
  • paiN Gaming
  • Evil Geniuses
  • Storm
  • Fnatic
  • Let’s Do it (Winner of the BTS Summer Cup)

Additional Information

So far, no formats nor prize pool has been revealed, so all we can tell you is to wait for this amazing offline Major tournament that will take place in Los Angeles, starting on July the 25th and ending on July the 29th.

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