The Ninjas are back!

One of the biggest is welcomed on a Major.

The Ninjas are back!

It’s been quite a few since the last time we saw the legendary Ninjas in Pyjamas on a Major tournament but, hey everyone: They are definitely back!

Right before ESL Cologne 2016, news from the greatest team of Counter Strike: Global Offensive gradually faded away and, with it, so did their participation. What happened to them remains uncertain.

Nowadays, it seems like NiP has arrived back to a Major, facing the bests of all and trying to earn back that chrone that they’ve left over the time. Perhaps their latest games were a proof of inconsistency and not-the-best teamwork.

As for today, some of the originals remain in the roster, and others have already been gone. The great f0rest and GeT_RiGhT will probably make this team one of the biggest again, alongside others such as REZ, dennis, Lekr0 and pita, their coach.

The announcement was made through their official Twitter account, in which they posted a video remembering that “last win” they earned and happily took home:

Next step? London Major. There, NiP will be battling some of the hardest alignments of all time with FaZe Clan, Cloud9, Na’Vi, MIBR, Team Liquid, G2 an Astralis being the main ones to face.

As mentioned, all of them will be fighting in FACEIT Major: Londoen 2018, and you can find more information by clicking here.

Is NiP going to recover what it previously was, without so many changes in its roster? It’s up to them to show all the fandom they are worthy once again.

Find out more in their official website.