The Steam Market is no longer available for the Dutch

Once again, a country makes their own policies a reason for prohibitions.

The Steam Market is no longer available for the Dutch

Yesterday early, we found out that Dutch players were no longer available to trade on the Steam Market, as authorities had measured CSGO’s lootbox system as “gambling” — And folks, we all know what has been going on with gambling on some European countries.

June 19 will be day to remember by the players from all around of Netherlands, but is it really that surprising? Canada and Australia had already spoken their voice, as there are certain restrictions regarding gambling in many regions of the world.

eSports Betting, for instance, developed a series of specific guides based on each country’s limitations, and they have even stated that “online gambling raises a lot of questions and a lot of problems for governments, even those who have typically taken a relaxed standpoint on gambling”.

Now, that does solve our previous question: Indeed, it was no surprise and, even further, it was a matter of time before something like this even happened, since some had commented that “Valve tried their best until their deadline, which was June 20th, to come to an agreement”.

Yes! They even worked within a deadline, but no solution came, instead Valve was forced to put some restrictions on their major titles, such as CS:GO and Dota 2. Until they either come to another agreement or make something up, there will be no items tradeable through the market for the people residing in the Netherlands.

As for the last, how ironic can be that one of the freest and most liberal countries of Europe prohibits these kinds of activities? Do not worry, fellow Dutchs! There is still more “recreational” things to do.

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