Road to September’s $1,000,000 FACEIT Major

FACEIT Minors 2018

In September, FACEIT hosts a Valve-sponsored tournament called FACEIT Major: London 2018, which has a whopping $1,000,000 prize pool. The event will have 24 participant teams and the team that manages to emerge as the winner will take a $500,000 slice of the pot.

We still have two months to go before the major itself, and currently teams from different regions are preparing for the $50,000 FACEIT Minors which are all held in London. Each of the four regionals involve eight teams, and two of those eight will get a spot in the million-dollar major. The events start with a double-elimination group stage which is followed by playoffs. Americas Minor is well on its way already, as there’s only four matches left. Today’s games have been delayed, so you still be able to catch them on FACEIT’s Twitch channel. Rogue is currently battling Complexity and later eUnited will face NRG Esports.

CIS Minor, which mostly consists of Russian teams, started today with group A’s matches. Nemiga Gaming were unfortunately unable to attend the tournament because their visas were denied. This resulted in automatic forfeits which made it so that both HellRaisers and pro100 had to actually play for only one win. They took A group’s spots in the playoffs. CIS Minor continues tomorrow with B group’s AVANGAR versus forZe.

Americas and CIS are soon followed by Asia and Europe. Below is a summary of July’s FACEIT Minors:

FACEIT Minor Americas (Jul 7th – 11th)
Group A Group B
NRG Esports Rogue
eUnited compLexity Gaming
Não Tem Como Team Dignitas
Swole Patrol Furia eSports


FACEIT Minor CIS (Jul 10th – 13th)
Group A Group B
HellRaisers AVANGAER
pro100 Monolith Gaming
PLINK Team Spirit
Nemiga Gaming forZe


FACEIT Minor Asia (Jul 16th – 20th)
Group A Group B
Renegades TyLoo
VG.FlashGaming Tainted Minds
Signature Gaming Uniquestars
SZ Absolute 5Power Gaming


FACEIT Minor Europe (Jul 19th – 22nd)
Group A Group B
OpTic Gaming Team Kinguin
ENCE eSports Ninjas in Pyjamas
LeftOut Red Reserve
3DMAX Sprout