Officially founded: The Counter Strike Players’ Association is here!

No waiting list was a reason to give up on this project.

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As noted on a fellow webpage, HLTV, The Counter Strike Player’s Association (CSPPA) is now real and ready to rumble, with over 90 of the best players already in.

In case you didn’t now, the whole subject was a really important topic within the CS:GO community for many years, and we even thought it was a never fulfilled dream by this point.

Sometimes it just seems incredible what people and players are achieving within the eSports scenes, and this has to be the greatest example for it: From simple LAN parties, passing for the biggest inversions and ending on our own associations.

Now, who are the leaders of this project? Well branded players, let me assure. Founding member has Tarik “tarik” Celik, Jordan “n0thing” GILBERT, Epitacio “TACO” de Melo and more.

At this point, you might be wondering how or what is the CSPPA exactly going to do. That’s totally binding and even we had the same question.

According to the aforementioned post, CSSPA daily operations include legal counsel for players which is, more or less, the most important objective they’re focused on: Giving legal advice and assisting players with “terms and organisations”.

However, the idea might be consolidated, but there’s still much work to do regarding this particular subject. How to become a member, when are the operations going to begin and more is what are we waiting to know in the upcoming months.

That is all the information we have, but stay tuned for all what’s about to ring in the following days of the year. Shall it be created a Dota 2 Association, or a Fortnite one? Well, either way they’ll be created.